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Social Enterprise Bootcamp

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Announcing Social Enterprise Bootcamp 2021! 

December 4, 2020

The Edmonton CDC is pleased to announce that the next edition of our intensive, online Social Enterprise Bootcamp workshop series will take place beginning September 2021!

If you are interested in attending, keep your evenings open for 10 three-hour workshops on the following dates in 2021:

  • September 8 (Intro to Social Enterprise)
  • September 15 (Approaches and Limitations)
  • September 22 (Overview of Feasibility Assessment)
  • September 29  (Feasibility Assessment: Market Demand)
  • October 6 (Legal and Organizational Options)
  • October 13 (Financial Projections and Financing)
  • October 27 (Operations Planning)
  • November 3 (Mission Impact)
  • November 17 (Tutorial: Bring your own questions)
  • November 24 (Presentation of Feasibility Results)


Our planning team is currently working hard to make this learning experience even more valuable, dynamic, and accessible for our Fall 2021 offering.

We will be updating this page regularly as we have more information to share; if you would like to get email updates and announcements about the next Bootcamp, please sign up here.

And, to learn more about Bootcamp, read on!

“Bootcamp pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me develop new skills to take my social enterprise ideas to the next level.”

—Paula, 2020 Bootcamp participant

About Social Enterprise Bootcamp 

February 10, 2020

The Edmonton CDC invites you to test the financial, operational, and market viability of your social enterprise concept.

At Social Enterprise Bootcamp, our focus is on turning hard work into actual results through applying core business concepts and skills to modelling your Social Enterprise in the real world.  

Workshop leader and experienced social entrepreneur, Anna Bubel, will lead participants in learning through interactive presentations, small-group discussions, guest lectures, tutoring, and a whole lot of independent learning.  

Within twelve weeks, participants will be fully prepared to write a feasibility study and investigate opportunities for financing their social enterprise!

“Social Enterprise Bootcamp was the best (and most intense) ten weeks I’ve spent thinking about the viability of my enterprise.” 

—Yasushi, 2020 Bootcamp participant

Meet the Instructor!

February 20, 2020

Check out our five-minute “Meet the Instructor” video below to learn about the Bootcamp from Instructor Anna Bubel:

Why enroll in Bootcamp? 

March 1, 2020

If you’ve been looking for a way to launch a business that will make the world a better place, the Edmonton Community Development Company wants to help you make it happen.  

Social Enterprise Bootcamp will provide all the tools you need to: 

  • Describe a conceptual framework for social entrepreneurship
  • Explore how enterprises around the world have achieved social, economic and environmental mission
  • Compare social enterprises, for-profit ventures, and non-profit programs at the level of mission, strategy, culture, management, and impact
  • Understand the range of organizational and legal options available to social entrepreneurs
  • Identify sources of financing, investment, and grant options available to social entrepreneurs 

Is Social Enterprise Bootcamp right for me? 

March 4, 2020

Great questionSocial Enterprise Bootcamp compresses a lot of learning into ten sessions, and your success depends especially on your learning activity outside of those sessions. We recommend budgeting up to five hours per week to get the most out of your  Bootcamp experience.

You deserve to know before you register if Bootcamp is in line with your goals as a social entrepreneur.  

To that end, our planning committee has prepared a free, online, one-hour Introduction to Social Enterprise to help our participants assess if Bootcamp is right for them at this time.  

“Great balance between class time, group breakouts, guest lectures and videos.”

—Meighan, past Bootcamp participant

Did You Know? 

December 4, 2019

In 2019, the Thomson Reuters Foundation published a global survey of the world’s 45 biggest economies that named Canada “the best country for social entrepreneurs” based on such criteria as government support, public understanding, and access to investment.  


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