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McCauley Development 95 Street and 106 Avenue

Neighbourhood: McCauley   Timeline: 2019-2020

Last Project Update: August 14, 2020

"Planning For Paskins" Virtual Engagements (Sept 15 and 17)

August 14, 2020

The Edmonton CDC is interested in hearing your views and ideas about the development concepts put forward by the McCauley Concept Design Team!

From 7 p.m. to 8 pm. on the evenings of September 15 and 17, 2020, Edmonton CDC will host one-hour online engagement sessions via Zoom to gather perspectives and ideas that will inform and enrich development plans for the Paskins site.

To register, please email Carry Perrier at and identify which meeting you wish to attend (or both if you wish). She will email you the Zoom information no later than the evening before your session(s) with a link and password to join the conversation.

The hour-long session will include a brief overview of the Paskins project and the development options, followed by a conversation among key stakeholders like you about what sort of development will be most appropriate to the neighbourhood in the years to come.

Want to learn more about the history to date of this project (and the development options being considered)? Check out this post on our CDC blog!

Be sure to check this blog regularly and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest on the Paskin development.


February 22, 2020


Recognizing the importance of supporting the efforts of the McCauley Development Cooperative with the incredible opportunity to purchase The Piazza, a strip mall in the heart of McCauley, we devoted significant staff time and resources to that initiative. Since the Cooperative has successfully completed the investment raise and the subsequent purchase of The Piazza, we are able to refocus our efforts on our land development in McCauley on the Paskin Site at 95 Street and 106 Ave.

In an effort to ensure there is optimal engagement and input from McCauley residents and stakeholders about the design concepts identified by the McCauley Design Team—a group of residents and business owners—we have redesigned the original survey. In addition to wanting to understand how residents view each of the design concepts, we are asking for your opinions on some additional market related questions.

The survey will help the Edmonton CDC and the Design Team understand which concept will most likely strengthen the local McCauley economy, add local jobs, and attract customers and visitors to the development from surrounding neighbourhoods, including those who work down town.

We are ready to relaunch our engagement efforts and in addition to the survey, later this spring will be hosting pop up feedback sessions in McCauley. Stay tuned for the dates and locations.

[Note: This survey is now closed. We thank all respondents for their valuable insights!]


McCauley-ites! Weigh in on the Options for the Development on 95th Street and 106 Avenue

November 8, 2019

Over the summer, the Edmonton CDC has been working with a neighbourhood design team (residents and business owners) to identify design concepts for our McCauley land on 95th Street and 106 Avenue.

The McCauley Design Team has finalized design concepts to showcase and to obtain feedback to aid in the decision on the final concept. Over the next few weeks, people will have the opportunity to provide feedback through an online survey and through two events to be announced.

We are seeking feedback on the concepts sketches by  Emily Chu, a local graphic artist. The sketches are place holders for the concepts; the actual structure may not resemble the sketch.

The concepts for the 95th St. and 106 Ave. site, (often referred to as the Paskins Site), include an urban hardware store serving the downtown core. The City of Edmonton’s 2019 census reports over 57,000 people living downtown and in nearby communities such as Oliver, Alberta Avenue and Boyle Street. There is a market to be served as Westmount is the location of the nearest hardware store.

Hardware Store Option

Another concept, a makers’ space, (check out this report for more information about a makers’ space in Edmonton) could be a place for artisans in the fields of ceramics, glass blowing, textiles and more.

Makersspace Concept

A food emporium, the third concept, could have local businesses such as a pop up restaurant space for local entrepreneurs to test their menus and operations, pasta makers, deli, brewery, pastry and chocolate counter to name a few of the ideas for the concept.

Food Emporium Concept

The makers’ space and the food emporium would have flexible spaces so that small, “shoe box” spaces can be leased. If there is demand, there may be an opportunity for loft style residences above the businesses – perhaps where the owners of the businesses choose to live.

Whichever option the community decides on, the Design Team envisions a green house on the Lay Down Site, the site just south of 106 Avenue. When you click on the feedback form link you will be asked to provide your feedback on the Greenhouse as well.

Green House Concept

We plan to have a concept chosen by the end of January so that we can start seeking tenants in February. The goal is to secure tenants, then co-design the structure with the tenants, through an Integrated Design Process (IDP) team. This link is to a guide that explains the IDP.

Want to be informed when there are opportunities to participate in community conversations about this property? Click HERE.

The land is zoned for RA7, a zone for Low Rise Apartments. Within this general purpose are the following permitted uses

a)       Single Detached Housing

b)       Secondary Suite, with not more than one Sleeping Unit

c)       Minor Home Based Business

d)       Limited Group Homes

e)       Fascia On-premises Signs

However, the design team is interested in options that will require rezoning.


Boyle McCauley Area Redevelopment Plan

Stay tuned for more info.

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