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Fraser Development

Neighbourhood: Fraser   Timeline: The Edmonton CDC in Fraser

Last Project Update: August 14, 2019

The Next Phase: Fraser Hub Development moves into Integrated Design Process

August 14, 2020

With a design concept identified and excellent tenants on-board, the Edmonton CDC and its partners are excited to move on to the process of designing a Community Hub that will deliver on the goals and expectations of the Fraser community!

So far, collaboration and dialogue have been pivotal to the project, and we want to ensure those tenets are integral in the design process. For this reason, we’ve chosen a fairly non-traditional approach to this step called “Integrated Project Delivery” (IPD).

For a decent overview of IPD, check out this short video from Topic Simple.

In an IPD project, the owner, the architect, the general contractor, and trades all work together to plan and to share resources and risks during construction. All parties sign an agreement that binds everyone to a single contract that outlines their roles in the project, as well as their rights, obligations, liabilities, and responsibilities.

In early July, the first session in the integrated design process (IPD) was completed (in person, no less, and with extreme consideration of best public health protocols for COVID-19). The results of this meeting of tenants, architects, general contractors and Edmonton CDC resulted in our partners identifying new opportunities for collaboration and cost-sharing, as well as the key goals to inform the design process.


A subsequent IPD session in August resulted in a high-level, best-case design (above), an estimate of the cost (approximately $24 million) and the start of an evolving design process appropriate to the budget.

The Edmonton CDC has also created a blog series called “Fraser HUBdates” that we will update regularly to provide more frequent updates and more granular details about the progress of this project. Be sure to check this blog regularly and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest!


August 30, 2019

Based on many community conversations and engagement meetings with area residents, the Edmonton CDC has done its best to capture the neighbourhood’s ideas about what to build on CDC land. Working with award winning illustrator, Emily Chu, we now have three design concepts for area residents to consider and assess.


We had an engagement event on the land on August 24th and about 100 folks participated but if you couldn’t make it your voice is still desired. You can provide your personal assessment of the concepts by clicking through to our online form. It won’t take long to fill out. The more area residents and stakeholders commenting, the better! The survey is open until September 18, 2019. After that date, the Fraser concept team will decide which concept to develop on the land.

You can access the form right HERE.

To whet your appetite, here are three design sketches and associated layouts.

Community Hub

Fraser Market


The layouts below are representational, not done deals. They were produced by students in Fraser!

On the feedback form you will also see layout sketches for the entire parcel of land. Once the feedback is gathered, we will compile a report of what people said and how they prioritized options. That report will be published here, in our e-zine and emailed to participants in the engagement on August 24 and through the online form.

More than 1100 people have participated and we welcome more!

It’s exciting. It’s a great example of people coming together to co-create a development that will enhance community life!




The Work in Fraser

May 3, 2019

Want to be informed when there are opportunities to participate in community conversations about the Fraser property? Click HERE.

The Edmonton CDC has a parcel of land in the Fraser Community. Zoning is RF5 and according to the Fraser Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan, this land  is earmarked for community row housing. That said, the CDC is willing to work with community to change zoning if that is what the community wants.

Communities United, a collaborative community development initiative supported by United Way, the Edmonton Community Foundation and others, is a key partner on the development of this land, given its presence in and current engagement of residents in five neighbourhoods in the Northeast.

We are also partnering with the Fraser Community League to ensure that the engagement undertaken is as comprehensive as possible.

You can read about the demographics of Fraser HERE.

Initial, early stage engagement began in November 2018 via a meeting with approximately a dozen area stakeholders and a meeting on November 29th with the Communities United steering committee at which 20 or so people attended.

The Edmonton CDC hopes to begin more extensive engagement in the Spring of 2019  and to break ground late in the year or in early 2020.

The CDC owns Blk 83, Parcel 10


  • Limited Group Homes
  • Minor Home Based Business
  • Row Housing, on a Site of 1.4 ha or less
  • Semi-detached Housing, on a Site of 1.4 ha or less
  • Urban Gardens


  • Child Care Services
  • Garage Suites
  • Garden Suites
  • Group Homes
  • Lodging Houses
  • Major Home Based Business
  • Religious Assembly
  • Residential Sales Centre
  • Secondary Suites, where developed within a Single Detached Housing form
  • Single Detached Housing
  • Stacked Row Housing, provided that each Dwelling has individual access to Grade

Engagement Notes and Reports

May 3, 2019

Stakeholder Meeting #1, November 13, 2018, Notes

Stakeholder Meeting #2, January 18, 2019, Notes

Stakeholder Meeting 3, February 1, 2019 Notes

Stakeholder Meeting 4, April 26, 2019 Notes

Infographic timeline Document

Stay tuned for more.

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