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ArtsCommon 118

Neighbourhood: Alberta Avenue District   Timeline:

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September 11, 2020

April 17, 2020

The Edmonton CDC and Arts on the Ave engaged residents, business owners, and other stakeholders in the Alberta Avenue District about this project. We held an engagement “party” on the land on which ArtsCommon 118 will be built. As well, we had a booth at the Kaleido Family Arts Festival. (Check out the Project Overview)

In all we engaged 320 individuals who provide nearly 300 comments, questions, and ideas. Approximately 42% of participants filled out an assessment form that asked participants to rank their happiness level with 10 key elements of ArtsCommon 118.
The aggregate results for all 10 ranked areas is above, representing a high degree of affirmation for the project in its current form. The individual rankings are below.

Another report you can look at is from two focus groups with artists and those results indicate strong support as well.

We have received many excellent questions, ideas, and affirmations in comments recorded by participants. These will be reviewed as we move forward toward the development of the final program and detailed drawings.

Engagement Party and Kaleido Festival – Full Report
Engagement Party and Kaliedo Festival – Infographic
Full Report of Focus Group with Artists

Interested in information about the Alberta Avenue District? Click HERE.

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August 29, 2018

When we held the Engagement Party on the ArtsCommon 118 land, the Edmonton Community Foundation sent a crew of staff to take videos of the proceedings and do video interviews with willing participants. We are grateful to the foundation for doing this for us, including the production of 7 videos. Special thanks to ECF’s Andrew Paul and Lisa Pruden and to Lucas Boutilier who operates Naked Rain Creative.


September 7, 2018


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