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Neighbourhood residents and stakeholders collectively influence their community’s future to attain a quality of life that is socially and economically healthy, sustainable and attractive.

Edmonton CDC is the community’s development company.

Edmonton CDC engages and collaborates with urban core neighborhoods to understand their needs and aspirations, and to help build community capacity to further their economic and social development.  The Edmonton CDC works to foster:

  • adequate income,
  • affordable and relevant housing,
  • attractive local businesses,
  • enhanced employment opportunities and
  • supportive social programs. 


  • Commit to community engagement that delivers results aligned with community needs and priorities
  • Combat poverty at a neighborhood level to benefit families and individuals
  • Focus on creating benefits for the neighbourhood’s population
  • Be strategic which involves saying ‘yes’, and saying ‘no’
  • Be innovative
  • Be nimble, entrepreneurial, and solution-oriented
  • Foster high leverage, effective partnerships
  • Concentrate resources within a defined geographic area to achieve maximum impact

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